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  • Zenbivy was founded with a clear mission to create the most comfortable outdoor bedding the world has ever seen. We believe no matter what type of outdoor adventure you seek you perform better when you’re truly rested. So why do so many sleeping bag companies ignore this fact? They design bags that are light and warm but lack the comfort you experience when sleeping in your bed at home.

    Whether you like to sleep on your back, side, or stomach, whether you toss and turn or sleep like a rock, we believe a sleeping bag should conform to your sleeping habits rather than you having to conform to its limitations. Try sleeping in an ultralight mummy bag on your stomach or tossing and turning from side to side—the results are always the same; bags twist, bags constrict, bags lead to a less than comfortable night of sleep.

    That's why we created our Beds, to let you sleep in any position you want. We created our Quilts to offer the most versatile sleeping options which can adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in. We created our pillows to adjust to the exact height and softness you desire. And we created our Mattresses, to offer warmth, comfort, and ease. We did all of this with the simple goal of letting you experience an amazing night of sleep—from the backcountry to the back of your car—just like your bed at home.

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