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    Zebivy Bed | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    Zenbivy Bed

    The Zenbivy Bed is our original, full-featured bed that focuses on providing maximum comfort and convenience.

    700 fill HyperDRY™ down

    Double Bed | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    Double Bed

    The Double Bed is built for camping couples and offers plenty of room for two to get cozy.

    800 fill HyperDRY™ down


    Bed Weights Closure Footbox Lining Shell Down Synthetic option?
    Ultralight Bed Clips Fast Footbox™ 10D Pertex® Quantum 10D Pertex® Quantum 900 FP X
    Light Bed Clips Fast Footbox™ or Convertible 20D Taffeta 20D Taffeta 800 FP Yes
    Core Bed Clips Fast Footbox™ 50D Pongee 30D Taffeta 650 FP Yes
    Zenbivy Bed Zippers Convertible 50D Pongee 20D Taffeta 700 FP X
    Double Bed Clips Fixed Footbox 50D Pongee 20D Taffeta 800 FP X

    How to choose your Zenbivy Sleeping Bag System


    Zipper Attachements | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems


    Zippers—you know 'em, you love 'em, and they don't take much explaining. While they may be heavier than clips, they're familiar & fast, making them a great option for someone wanting maximum convenience.

    Lightweight Clip Attachement | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems


    Our proven draft-free color-coded clip system is nearly weightless compared to zippers. Our clip Beds also offer versatility since any clip quilts can be paired will any clip sheets, allowing you to mix-and-match as needed to build your perfect setup.

    Footbox styles

    Fast Footbox  Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    Fast Footbox™

    The Fast Footbox™ is our simplest, lightest, and quickest. With a single clip and minimal fuss, it easily converts from warm “mummy mode” to spacious “wide mode”.

    Convertible Footbox | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    Convertible Footbox

    In addition to both mummy and wide modes, our Convertible Footbox also unclips to lay completely flat. The Convertible Footbox provides maximum versatility in warmer temperatures and when used with accessories.


    50D Polyester Pongee | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    50D Polyester Pongee

    Our legendary 50D Pongee fabric is pure luxury. It'sboth durable, soft and-most importantly-has asimilar feel to a sheet you would use at home,bringing a familiar kind of comfort to camp.

    Nylon Taffeta | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    20D Nylon Taffeta

    20D fabrics are much softer than traditional ultralight technical fabrics while being only a fraction heavier.They're buttery-smooth, comfortable, durable, and worth the minuscule weight penalty.

    10D Pertex Quantum | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    10D Pertex® Quantum

    Other backpacking quilts use thin, sticky fabrics that cling to you like plastic wrap in damp or warm
    conditions. To maximize comfort, Zenbivy Ultralight Quilts use premium "full-dul'" Pertex® Quantum. Feather-light and soft to the touch, it's fabric that feels like fabric, not a trash bag.

    Nylon Taffeta | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    30D Nylon Taffeta

    A slightly heavier weight than our 20D Taffeta, the30D Nylon Taffeta is amazingly supple and durable.It's our softest shell fabric.

    Looking for a couple's sleep system?

    The Zenbivy Double Beds are optimized for car camping couples, offering a fully-Pongee fitted sheet to match the comfortable lining of the Zenbivy Double Quilt.