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  • Max Pump 2 Pro


    This is the perfect 4-in-1 portable3600mAh battery capacity rechargeable air pump for your mattress.

    Max Pump 2 Pro can easily reach 150L/min of inflation airflow on low mode and 300L/min on high mode and respectively 2,5kPa to 4,5kPa of inflation pressure with its tiny size.

    Max Pump Pro Features

    Blake und Diane Cyrier 9-19-19-Capo2 Handheld |

    Survival hack 1

    Max Pump 2 Pro can be used as a power bank with one USB output port to charge your smartphone or mobile devices in emergency.

    Blake und Diane Cyrier 9-19-19-Capo3 Feuerstelle |

    Survival hack 2

    Max Pump 2 Pro can save your breath when making an open fire by blowing air and delivering oxygen faster, safely and efficiently.