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    The important details vary depending on the area of use—whether I’m traveling by car to a campsite or hiking with a backpack in the mountains. However, one crucial aspect remains the same across all situations: which system allows me to wake up refreshed and in a good mood?
    Factors like weight, dimensions, temperature ratings, and materials are often discussed and compared, but the most significant consideration is the personal comfort of sleeping in my ideal and often changing position. People have different needs, and this is where the Zenbivy sleeping bag system excels.
    Whether I sleep on my back, side, or stomach, Zenbivy allows me to move freely. I don't slip off the mattress and I can regulate
    temperature perfectly. Traditional sleeping bags are good at keeping me warm, but only Zenbivylets me sleep comfortably, just like in my own bed at home.

    When it comes to camping, comfort should always be your top priority, because a good night's sleep is crucial when you're on the go for extended periods. While the weight of your gear matters, especially when you're carrying it in a backpack or on a bike, saving a few grams isn't worth sacrificing restful sleep. Poor sleep can ruin your mood and lower your performance. Zenbivy's Ultralight Beds offer a solution in the ultralight category, blending minimal weight with maximum comfort.

    Temperature perception is highly individual. Zenbivy's model names indicate the lower limit temperature, which is the point at which an average man, using a sleeping pad with an R5 rating, will not feel cold. The comfort range is 5 - 6°C higher and should guide your purchase decision. For example, the -4°C models are ideal for summer and lower altitudes, where temperatures rarely drop to freezing. The -12°C models are suitable for classic three-season use, providing comfort even when temperatures fall just below 0°C. All Zenbivy mattresses have an R5 rating, ensuring they meet these temperature specifications.

    However, it's important to note that being too warm can also disrupt sleep. Traditional mummy sleeping bags can often be too hot for most conditions, leading to poor sleep quality. The Zenbivy system's key advantage is its versatility: you can detach the quilt from the sheet or convert it into an airy blanket, allowing for a wide range of temperature comfort. If you tend to get cold easily or are not primarily traveling in warm southern climates during summer, it's best to choose the warmer model when in doubt.

    Zenbivy USA has always operated with a direct-to-consumer business model, and as the EU importer, we have adopted the same approach. Our products are available exclusively through our webshop. You can return unused items within 14 days.

    We are happy to help you choose the best version for your needs. If you are traveling through the area, you can visit our premises to view and try out the models in person. Currently, we are located in Mils near Hall in Tyrol, Austria, and starting from the end of 2024, we will be in
    Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria.

    Please be aware that when ordering from the USA, approximately 30% of the purchase value will be added for taxes, customs duties, and shipping costs at checkout. Therefore, purchasing from Zenbivy Europe is more cost-effective, even with discount promotions available in the USA.

    No, there is no bundle option on zenbivy.eu. Although this option is available on the US site, it does not offer any price advantage.


    To stay updated with Zenbivy, subscribe to our newsletter, located at the bottom right of our website. This is where we first announce promotions and availability.

    The European webstore www.zenbivy.eu operates independently from www.zenbivy.com.Therefore discounts offered on www.zenbivy.com do not work on www.zenbivy.eu and vice versa. It is important to know that US prices do not include VAT, customs and tax in addition to higher freight costs and longer lead times. The final cost when buying in Europe should be around 10 % lower than when buying in the US, so even a 10 % discount in the US should not give a benefit over ordering at www.zenbivy.eu


    Tracking, Exchange & Return

    Certainly, upon receipt of the returned item, you will receive a full credit within 14 days. You will then need to place a new order for the replacement item.

    Regrettably, we do not provide return labels. However, we can reimburse the postage costs via bank transfer. Please send the item back to the address provided below, upon receipt the refund will be made.

    Koch alpin GmbH
    Voldererbrücke 9
    6068 MilsAustria

    We apologize for the inconvenience. We will promptly send you a replacement at no extra cost. Kindly send us a clear photo displaying the defect. You may keep the damaged product and utilize a repair kit if needed.

    If the order was shipped with dpd, you will automatically receive a tracking number by email. If the order is sent by post (for destination countries outside the delivery area, such as Switzerland, Norway, UK), the number will be provided by the shipping team.

    • Switzerland: post.ch
    • Norway: posten.no
    • UK: parcelforce.com

    Approx. 10 days from order date.

    No, unfortunately we do not offer express delivery.

    Technical Questions about the Product

    The details of each series are thoroughly explained on this page:
    https://zenbivy.eu/en/pages/which-bed-is-right-for-you. All systems comprise a mattress cover with a hood (sheet) and a detachable blanket (quilt). The Zenbivy Bed utilizes zippers for attaching, while all other systems employ clips, allowing for flexibility in combining quilt and sheet sizes.
    Generally, the sheet is chosen based on the width of the mattress, and the quilt is selected according to body measurements: https://zenbivy.eu/pages/size-guide

    Now, you will need to balance weight/packing size considerations with pricing. The Ultralight Bed is positioned at the top tier, followed closely by the Light Bed, with the Zenbivy Bed trailing. The Core Bed may not be suitable for trekking tours where weight and pack size are critical, unless budget constraints are significant.

    All quilts and sheets are interchangeable, allowing for flexible combinations (excluding Zenbivy Bed with Zip and Double Bed), and they are available for individual purchase.

    The core sheets vary in the hood filling. The Uninsulated sheet consists of fabric without filling, while the Synthetic sheet contains synthetic fiber filling (240g 1d/3d XD Synthetic), and the Down sheet is filled with down (650 fill-power RDS-compliant 80/20 duck down). The Uninsulated sheet is the lightest, while the Down sheet offers the warmest hood.

    The Core Bed uses the same clip system as the Light Bed to connect the quilt and sheet. Depending on preference, different models in different sizes can be mixed. You can find more information on the right size here: https://zenbivy.eu/pages/size-guide. The Core Quilt is available with synthetic filling (4°C synthetic) and down filling (-4°C and -12°C down). The Core Sheet is available without insulation in the hood and with synthetic fiber or down insulation. 

    In contrast, the Zenbivy Bed uses a zipper system to link the quilt and sheet together and is therefore sold as a complete set.
    Available for the temperature ranges -4°C and -12°C and a high-quality down quality.

    You can find more information in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz1Uih7ekl8

    The sheets are available in 3 widths: M: 51 cm, L: 63 cm, XL: 76 cm.

    Depending on the mattress, a margin of +/- 2 cm is no problem. The sheet then simply slightly overlaps the underside of the mattress but can be fastened with an adjustable clip with an elastic band. The same applies to the length, although with the new Light and Ultralight sheets the length of the mattress no longer plays a role, as these sheets only cover the upper part of the mattress.

    We recommend airing the quilt in the sun for a few extra days. In rare cases, it is possible that the impregnation of the down or the outer layer has not hardened sufficiently. In this case, it is advisable to place the quilt in a dryer with a few tennis balls. The unpleasant odor will then have disappeared. If this does not help, we will of course replace the product.

    This is due to insufficiently hardened impregnation of the outer layer. To remedy this, we advise you to put the quilt in a dryer with a few tennis balls. If this does not help, we will of course replace the product.

    The sizes on the labels are given in inches, so don't be confused.

    The lightweight and durable Zenbivy Dry Sacks promise instant compression through the high-speed valve. For times when you want to maximize the space in your pack, simply add the Caps to your already compressed Dry Sack to keep it fully compressed and as small as possible. Dry Sack and Compression Caps are available separately. The table below gives you information on which size fits your products.