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  • Which size Dry Sack fits your Bed?

    Find your Bed on the image below and match it to its recommended Dry Sack size. Don't worry, with the recommended size there will still be room to throw in your Zenbivy pillow and even a down jacket. You can expect your Bed to compress down to about half the size of its recommended Dry Sack. (Ex: 7L compresses down to 3-4L, 10L down to 5L, etc)

    Größe Gewicht Abmessungen Passt zu
    Dry Sacks 7L 65 g 46 x 16 cm Light Bed -4°C
    Light Bed 4°C Synthetic
    10L 75 g 51 x 81 cm Light Bed -12°C
    Zenbivy Bed -12°C
    Core Bed -4°C
    15L 79 g 59 x 21 cm Zenbivy Bed -12°C
    Core Bed -12°C
    Core Bed -4°C Synthetic
    Double Beds
    Compression Caps 7L 65 g N/A Pairs with 7L Dry Sack
    10L 68 g Pairs with 10L Dry Sack
    15L 74 g Pairs with 15L Dry Sack