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    Block Drafts | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    Together, the hood and wings of the sheet create a draft shield. Attaching your quilt to the draft shield keeps it "tucked" at your sides to block drafts and guides the corners of the quilt into the hood to seal in warmth around your neck and shoulders.

    Eliminates Constriction | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    The sides of the draft shield function as hinges, allowing the quilt to move freely, expanding and settling naturally while keeping the quilt from falling off the mattress. This unique design instantly gives you space when you need it and the ability to wrap the quilt snuggly around you when you want it.

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    Light Bed Hood | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    Integrated insulated hood

    Unlike a traditional backpacking quilt + straps combo, Zenbivy sheets feature an integrated hood to insulate your head. Sheets are available in insulated styles for full mummy bag warmth or uninsulated styles for use in warmer weather or to line with a down jacket.

    Headboard Clips | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    Built-in headboard clips

    The sheet's integrated hood features built-in headboard clips that attach to your Zenbivy pillow to
    keep it from sliding off the mattress, just like your headboard at home.

    *Only new 2024 sheets and pillows feature the clip
    attachments. 2023 and older models do not.