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    Despite what you may think, down filling is not made from feathers. It’s made from goose or duck plumage, the fluffy insulation directly beneath the feathers. This is nature’s mid-layer, and despite our best efforts in science we’ve still not managed to create a more effective insulator for these applications.

    So what does this fluffy insulation look like and how does it keep us warm? Down clusters are three-dimensional structures with thousands of filaments that criss-cross to create air space. Just as a sponge traps water, down clusters trap warm air while still allowing moisture and air to move through.  

    Down I Zenbivy Outdoor Quilts, Mattresses & Sleeping Bag Systems

    What happens if down gets wet?

    Conventional wisdom would have us believe that synthetic insulations outperform down in wet conditions, but conventional wisdom is wrong. While it is true that synthetics will insulate better than down when they are wet, it is also true that synthetics soak up water while down is naturally hydrophobicIt's simply much harder to get a down bag wet in the first place and with the recent invention of water-resistant down, that's truer than ever.

    When down is first harvested from a duck or goose, it is water repellant - natural oils on the plumage make water fall away so that it can keep insulating. When down is processed and washed, some of these oils are removed. There have been improvements in washing methods to remove less of these naturally water-repellant oils, but generally DWR ("durable water repellant") treatments are used to restore down’s natural ability to repel water. There are several on the market right now, including the HyperDRY™ down from Allied we use in our products. This premium down uses a natural wax-based compound to make it water-resistant. It is both durable and fluorocarbon-free. We wanted the best for our Beds so that you are able to get maximum performance from your gear.

    If down isn't your thing, we offer synthetic options as well

    And this is no "dumbed-down" synthetic. These beds feature the exact build and same buttery-soft fabrics as the originals. We use a 1d/3d polyester synthetic that is as soft as it gets. All-in-all, they are as comfortable and as backcountry-worthy as our down beds.