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    October 24, 2023

    7 Tips for Your Perfect Night in a Camper Van

    Become a Sleeping Bag Rebel

    A night in a campervan is usually unforgettable, beautiful, and relaxing – provided the equipment fits the conditions. Choosing the right sleeping bag system is crucial - regardless of whether you spend the night in a VW bus, tiny camper, rental camper, or roof tent. You should be neither too cold nor too warm. The bedding should be easy to stow away during the day and offer maximum comfort at night. With the following 7 questions, we guide you to your perfect sleeping bag system.

    1. How Much Storage Space Do You Have?

    In small motorhomes, space is at a premium - especially when several people are traveling. A sleeping bag system with a small pack size is ideal in this case. The Zenbivy Double Bed and Double Quilt offer compact options for couples or parents with a child.

    Our Dry Sacks compress your sleeping bag systems, reduce pack size, and keep everything dry and clean.

    Storage Space | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    2. Down or Synthetic Insolation?

    When it comes to insulation, you can choose between down and synthetic fibers. Down has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, while synthetic materials insulate even when wet. Zenbivy uses Premium HyperDRY Down – this down is treated with a natural wax-like compound, which can increase water repellency. They are durable and free of fluorocarbons.

    Many Zenbivy models are available in both versions, e.g. the Core Bed -4 °C or the Core Bed -4 °C Synthetic.

    3. Quilt or Sleeping Bag - What Is Your Intended Use?

    It almost seems to be a camper philosophy question whether you sleep in a sleeping bag or with a quilt. A sleeping bag often offers more warmth and better insulation. Blankets or quilts are usually more comfortable, provide more freedom of movement and the feeling of sleeping in your bed.

    With Zenbivy you don't have to choose: You can simply remove the quilt from the sheet or zip it on. That way, you have both in one.

    Quilt vs. Sleeping Bag | Zenbivy Sleeping Bag Sytsems

    4. What Temperature Range Should the Sleeping Bag Cover?

    In principle, you choose a sleeping bag according to the expected (lowest) night temperatures. Zenbivy breaks these narrow limits - thanks to the unique combination of sheet and removable quilt or the versatile adaptation options. The Zenbivy bag is warm enough to the specified comfort temperature (indicated directly on the model). When it gets warmer, you adapt the Zenbivy by opening the foot box or side clips to stretch out your feet or arms, or you turn your warm sleeping bag into an airy quilt. Ingenious, isn't it? This way, you buy one model for the whole year.

    Quilt vs. Sheet

    5. Is the Weight Relevant?

    Weight is usually not an issue for sleeping in a van or camper. Unless you are looking for a sleeping bag system that you can also use for trekking. For a quick overview, take a look at our size and weight guides.

    6. Have You Thought about the Mattress?

    Not every camper has a ready-made bed with a fixed mattress. For modular beds, we recommend a well-insulated and comfortable mattress. Again, look at the temperature ratings, size, pack size, and thickness of the mattress.

    The latter is essential to consider for uneven surfaces such as folded seats. For cold nights or poorly insulated floors, a mattress with a high R-value (determines the thermal resistance), i.e. a high insulation performance is crucial. All Zenbivy mattreses have an R-value of at least 5 (down to -17°C) and are therefore even suitable for winter bivouacs.

    Also, use our Dry Sacks for the mattress to compress it to a minimum and keep it dry.

    The best Sleeping Bag System for your Campervan | Zebivy

    7. What Type of Camper Do You Sleep in?

    Last but not least, the vehicle type and the specific requirements also play a decisive role.

    Tiny or Car Camper:
    Lightweight and versatile solutions are essential for these compact vans or cars. Space is usually limited here and insulation is poor. In this case, we recommend the Zenbivy Bed -12 °C.

    Roof Tents and Pop-Up Roofs:
    Here, too, the insulation is usually poor. On the other hand, roof tents have a double-width sleeping surface. We therefore recommend our double-wide sleeping bag systems for these overnight situations: the Double Bed -4 °C

    Due to the flat design, the Zenbivy sleeping bag systems can usually remain in the roof tent even when folded in - this saves space and time!

    How to sleep in a Roof Tent | Zebivy Sleeping Bag Systems

    Camper Vans:
    Converted vans, box vans, or VW vans usually have good insulation but often have little storage space. You need the perfect combination of maximum comfort and small pack size - especially if several people sleep in the camper van. We recommend well-compressible sleeping bag systems such as the Core Bed 4 °C Synthetic.

    Rental campers:
    For vehicles that you only rent for the duration of your holiday, a small pack size and a flexible solution are crucial. This way you can take "your bed" with you wherever you go, still have a quilt for the evening, and feel at home wherever you are. The Light Bed -12 °C for winter and the Fast & Light Bed -4 °Cfor summer are ideal for rental campers.

    To Sum Up

    The following requirements are essential to choose the perfect sleeping bag system: temperature range, pack size, weight, intended use, and vehicle type. Zenbivy offers a range of versatile and comfortable sleeping bag systems.

    Dare to be different and become a "sleeping bag rebel" with Zenbivy!

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