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  • PRESS: "Simple and Comfortable, the Zenbivy Sleeping Bag System," CamperVans 2023

    December 22, 2023

    Press Review Campervans Zenbivy Europe
    "Also simple and comfortable is our latest entry in the test: The Zenbivy sleeping bag system. The system, originally designed for tents, works excellently in the camper, especially in the Campster. The well-known issue: The sleeping bench is relatively firm and contoured, and the base in the pop-up roof is quite thin. A classic topper often takes up too much space.

    An elegant solution is an inflatable mattress, and here we are back to the tent. The actual step back in camping evolution may be feared because the Zenbivy system works great - not only in the small Campster but also in the van with a large transverse bed in the rear or more space in the pop-up roof. The combination of one or two inflatable mattresses, where the firmness can be varied depending on air pressure, a super cozy sheet that attaches to the mattresses with straps and also has a hood, and a down blanket that rests airy-light on top but is securely fastened to the cover, creates a cozy nest.

    Even if you can't quite imagine it at first, especially in the current cool temperatures, the comfort is incredible. The down perfectly helps to regulate your body temperature, and with the open system, you still have full freedom of movement, and yet the blanket cannot easily slip off. The second significant advantage, especially when sleeping in the roof, is that the hood prevents the pillow from falling off. Nothing worse than having to leave the warm sleeping bag at night in winter to retrieve the pillow.

    The system has already passed the initial tests and fully convinced. For transport, the entire package can be rolled up in one piece, just unroll, inflate, and go to sleep in the evening. Unfortunately, it becomes too tight in the roof of the Campster. It fits wonderfully when open, but to close the roof, the Zenbivy must be dismantled."

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