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    To inflate the pillow, open the valve cap (make sure you've got a grip on the rim of the gray valve as you pop the cap out) and inflate by mouth. It should only take a few breaths. It is normal for some condensation to form.

    Pillow Owner's Manual I Zenbivy

    To deflate or adjust the amount of air in the bladder, open the valve cap and push the green button in the very center of the valve.

    For best performance, you want to use inflate the bladder about halfway and fill the remaining space with other soft stuff you might have with you, like a down jacket. The best method is to stuff the soft stuff in the pillowcase between the bladder and the sleep surface. Then simply adjust the air in the bladder so the pillow is the correct height for you. Side sleepers will likely need more stuff/air to get the right height. The idea is to make it feel as much as possible like your pillow from home. This will take some tweaking to get it just right for your sleep style.

    Pillow Owner's Manual I Zenbivy
    Pillow Owner's Manual I Zenbivy


    Troubleshooting: If the pillow valve is not holding air, the green release valve is not seating properly. To re-seat it, open the valve and push on and around the green button in the very center of the valve (the same one you use to release air).  Push it so the round part of the green valve is entirely on the inside of the pillow.  Once it pops back in there, it should work perfectly.