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  • Double Luxe Sheet -4°C

    Built for couples, the Luxe Sheet Double allows you to hold two mattresses securely together and sleep under the same hood.

    Optimized for comfort-focused couples, the Luxe Sheet Double features our legendary soft Pongee lining and XD Synthetic insulation in the hood. The synthetic insulation is cozy, soft, and makes washing the sheet a breeze. Pair this sheet with our Double Quilt to create a complete Luxe Bed Double -4 °C. The generously-sized Double Quilt (complete with a matching Pongee lining) functions and feels like a comforter from home. Sleep comfortably with your partner outdoors just like you would in your bedroom. Double Quilt -4 °C sold separately.

    Includes a Luxe Sheet Double -4 °C. Double Quilt, mattresses, pillows, and compression sold separately.